Happy! Healthy! Strong!

Happy! Healthy! Strong!

Lydia Sarunrat Deane is Thailand's leading singer-actress and fitness idol. After welcoming a baby boy, she was inspired to share her pregnancy journey to the world.


  • Fitness

    Learn how I stayed fit and strong with exercise programs designed by a Certified Trainer and Olympic Coach. After you purchase a copy of Lydia Diary, simply create an account to access my Members section to view my fitness videos.

  • Lifestyle

    You are pregnant and don't know what to wear? Learn what clothes and styles to choose from and get inside tips from Thailand's Top Fashion Guru.

  • Recipes

    Follow my homemade recipes. These recipes are yummy and easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by the entire family!

Buy Lydia's Diary (E-Book)

220.00 ฿


What do I get with this book?

You get my complete 9-month journey. Lydia Diary is filled with my tips on lifestyle choices, fitness routines, and homemade recipes. From fashion advice to learning how I achieve work-life balance, this book is perfect for all expecting mothers.

What's the difference between the e-book and a hardcopy?

The content is exactly the same. However, the price is higher for hardcopies.

Where can I buy Lydia Diary?

You can grab the e-book or hardcopy directly from the website.

Hardcopies are also available for purchase at local bookstores in Thailand.

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